Software Installation/Uninstallation

Our software Free, Demo or Licensed, are self-installing and portable.

They can be installed on the hard disk of the computer and then possibly moved to another device (eg a pendrive or a cloud storage).

Setup does not modify the Windows registry, so the program name does not appear among the installed applications; works in the installation folder C:\Migg\ProgramName that contains the program and data.


Once the executable is downloaded (.exe) just launch it and the default installation creates:

  • desktop shortcut;
  • the folder on C:\Migg\ProgramName that contains the program and data.

This procedure does not write to the Windows registry or anywhere else on the system.

While using the program all the data entered will be saved in this folder, it is advisable to make a copy of the entire cartell on an external device to avoid data loss if the hard disk should be damaged.


To uninstall our software, simply :

  • clear desktop shortcut;
  • delete the folder contained in C:\Migg\ProgramName or the whole folder C:\Migg .

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