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OptCut - Software Optimization of Linear and Rectangular Cut of different materials

OptCut Free

Software Optimization of Linear and Rectangular Cut

Download OptCut Free

Download OptCut Free

Download OptCut Free
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Demo Online

OptCut Free is a software for automatic optimization of the linear cutting and / or rectangular of different materials such as:
glass, wood, sheet metal, plastic, marble, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, steel, polycarbonate, etc.

The software is aimed at manufacturing companies (small craftsmen, furniture manufacturers, glassworks, window fitters, masons, carpenters, etc.) and activities commercial that distribute articles in small pieces bought in standard sizes.

The program basing on the available materials, the pieces to be produced, and by technical constraints automatically generates hundreds of solutions and among them choose the best optimization according to set priorities.

At the end of the optimization, the software produces the list of: pieces products , used panels / profiles , remaining panels / profiles , remaining panels / profiles , pieces may not products , swarf , cuts and provides the analysis of the costs of the order and the availability of the remaining materials .

OptCut is accompanied by:
user manual
help on-line
video tutorial

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Why choose it?

Quick installation

Easy to use


Internet updating


Scrap Reduction and Reuse Remaining

Time and Material Savings

Error reduction and Increase Profit

Calculating quantities and material costs